Online Craps Terms

One of the intimidating things when playing craps is the terms. The following page will help you feel more at home with craps terminology.

Barred Number Can be either the 2 or the 12. Creates a standoff or push when betting Don’t Pass or Don’t Come. In a standoff or push, which is a tie, neither you or the casino win any money, your bet is unaffected.
Bet Numbers Across A group of five bets on all the Place numbers other than the Point number.
Big Six or Big Eight A bet made on either 6 or 8 that it will be rolled before a 7 comes up. Pays even money.
Box Point Shooter’s number: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.
Boxman The casino employee who supervises the Craps game and deposits money into the drop – box.
Buy Bet A Place bet made at true odds rather than at Place odds. Carries a 5% fee.
Come-out roll First toss of dice determining either a win (7) or the point.
Chop A term, which designates dice action of win – lose, win – lose, win – lose, etc.
Next rolls The rolls thrown after the come-out roll when only 7 and the point determine a win or a loss for the shooter.
Point The number thrown at the come-out roll, which the player plays against unless he threw a 7.
Shooter The player whom rolls the dice.
Stickman The casino employee in charge off assisting the dealers, controlling the dice, paying attention to the center table bets and maintaining the liveliness of the game.
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