How to Play Bingo:

Bingo, is a game of chance which is also known by the name “Lotto”. It is played with gridded cards which are annotated with both numbers and letters. These provide the format for which a win is scored when combinations of the letters and numbers are chosen at random and are covered up by players in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern. When the pattern sports 5 of these in a row a win can be called out. Bingo is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world. The play of the game occurs when participants purchase one or more of the playing cards. Then, the letter/number combinations are randomly chosen, often by a mechanism which shoots an annotated ball into a vacuum capture tube. The annotation on the ball is then called out by the “banker”. It usually takes upwards of 15 number calls before a win is claimed. The player who is first to acknowledge and have a winning card confirm takes the stake for that specific round of play. In one popular variation, the central square on the card is “wild” or “free”, and the first player on whose card five of the called numbers appear in a rowvertically, horizontally, or diagonallyis the winner. The earliest use of the game was known to occur in the late 18th century in the Canada. Further, Bingo is the parent of another popular gambling game “Keno” and is nearly indistinguishable from Bingo as it relates to its application in gambling circles. Bingo has become popular in Europe and Asian and has been played even in the casinos in Monte Carlo. Most people view the game as if it were ruled by only luck and chance. This is not the case. Know that there are 24 numbers printed on every Bingo card and that there are 25 squares. However; the center square is usually an unnumbered free space. If you were to select three cards you would have a total of 72 numbered locations. If these cards are chosen at random you might get only 40 to 50 unique numbers with the other 20 or 30 as duplicates of what you have on the other cards.. This lessens your odds. You should attempt to have cards with as many total unique numbers among the sum of the cards as is possible. Another advantage of applying this strategy is that it makes it easier for the player to keep track of covering the numbers on the cards as each number called will have no more than one card slot on the players cards. Further, players should not be drawn into the desire to draw playing cards which have card which boasts “socalled” lucky numbers such as 7 or 11. The odds confirm that a 7 or 11 are resident on only about 20% of the winning cards. Therefore; only playing with cars with one of these numbers definitely cuts down on the percentage

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