Online Baccarat Terms

Baccarat A count of zero (0).
Burning the top cards The practice of dealing the top 3 to 6 cards and removing them after shuffling before starting play.
Caller The croupier at the baccarat table that handles the cards.
Commission The cut (usually 5 %) that the casino takes on winning bank bets.
Coup bet.
Croupiers Casino staff that deal the cards and direct the betting.
Fading Placing bets.
La Grande (“the big one”) a natural with a total of nine (9).
La Petite (“the little one”) a natural with a total of eight (8).
Loss bet Betting against the house.
Muck The 416 cards (8 decks of 52 cards) used, at the beginning of the shuffling process.
Natural A count of eight (8) or nine (9).
Palette A long and thin wooden paddle. Used to make it possible for the seated croupiers to transact business at the far reaches of the table.
Pass Win.
Push A bet on a hand that ends up a tie. Such bets neither win nor lose, and the money simply sits there for the next hand. (This is unless tie bets are allowed)
Shills Employees of the casino (typically, young good looking women) who play at a table only to draw other players to the game.
Shoe An automatic dealing device that eliminates any accidents in the dealing.
Shooter Another expression for the bank.
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