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Poker is one of the top played online casino games in the world, knowing the basics for a regular player, should be as important as learning how to walk.
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Keno Game Play

Play Keno OnlineKeno is such a popular and exciting pastime because it offers the possibility of winning spectacular payouts on relatively small wagers.

Keno can usually be played in the keno lounge, in most dining areas, or at portable keno stations on the casino floor. If players wish to play keno outside of the lounge area, keno runners circulate the casino ready to place wagers, and numerous television monitors keep players informed of the winning numbers.

The keno numbers are printed on 80 individual ping-pong balls, which are either spun around in a wire bird cage, or blown around in a large clear plastic sphere.

As each ball is selected, the winning number is electronically highlighted on the keno boards throughout the casino.

The house draws 20 numbers out of the field of 80.

Players can choose as few as one number or as many as 15. To place bets, a keno ticket, which has boxes for all 80 numbers must be filled out. The casino provides a keno crayon, which is used to mark down the selected numbers.

Blackjack Game Play

In blackjack your objective is to beat the dealer in one of two ways. You can either accumulate a higher score than the dealer without going over 21, or sit on a lower score and hope that the dealer goes over or busts. All face cards (jacks, queens, kings) are given the value of 10, and an ace is worth either one or 11, depending on how you want to use it in your hand. Subsequently, any hand that contains an ace that is valued as 11 is called a soft hand as opposed to a hard hand which does not. The remaining cards are worth their face value. The highest hand in the game is a blackjack or a natural, which is a two-card hand that totals 21. The player’s hand can not be beat unless the dealer also has a blackjack, which in this case is called a push or a tie. Three or more cards totaling 21 may have the same value but do not beat out a natural 21.

Slot Machines

Virtually anyone who visits a casino, even for the first time, is familiar
with a slot machine and how it operates: just put in your money, pull the
handle and wait a few seconds to see if you win. It isn’t intimidating like
table games where you really need some knowledge of the rules before you play and it’s this basic simplicity that accounts for much of the success of slot
machines in the modern American casino.

History of Poker

Jonathan H. Green makes one of the earliest written references to Poker in 1834. In his writing, Green mentions rules to what he called the “cheating game,” which was then being played on Mississippi riverboats. He soon realized that his was the first such reference to the game, and since it was not mentioned in the current American Hoyle, he chose to call the game Poker.
The game he described was played with 20 cards, using only the aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens. Two to four people could play, and each was dealt five cards. By the time Green wrote about it, poker had become the number one cheating game on the Mississippi boats, receiving even more action than Three-Card Monte. Most people taken by Three-Card Monte thought the 20-card poker seemed more a legitimate game, and they came back time and time again. It would certainly appear, then, that Poker was developed by the cardsharps.

The origin of the word Poker is also well debated. Most of the dictionaries and game historians say that it comes from an eighteenth-century French game, poque. However, there are other references to pochspiel, which is a German game. In pochspiel, there is an element of bluffing, where players would indicate whether they wanted to pass or open by rapping on the table and saying, “Ich Poche!” Some say it may even have derived come the Hindu word, pukka.

How fair are Online Casinos and Sportsbooks?

Online Casinos are more fair than many people realize. The “house” is happy making the normal profits of gambling. In many of the countries, the computer programs must be submitted to the government for thourough checking of fairness toward the player, and the firm also has to be guaranteed by one of the big eight international accounting firms. In all cases with casino gambling the odds for single deck blackjack, for instance, are exactly the same with an Internet casino as with the real thing. The same is true for baccarat, roulette etc. As for the gaming machine type games (slots, video poker etc) the player payout percentages are determined by the casino, and many will post what the percentage of payout is online.

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